The Mnemosine database is the archival information repository of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ. It includes the collection of permanent value of the institution, that is, a collection permanently preserved in function of its informative and probative values. Institutional and personal documents of various genres have been gathered, ranging from the foundation of the institution as a University of Brazil to the present day. The system used is the AtoM - Access to Memory - developed by the International Archives Board in accordance with International Archival Description Standards. The database allows access to information from the various levels of description of the Archival Funds and Collections produced and guarded by the University. It was customized based on the needs of UFRJ, and is maintained jointly by the Central Archives / Archives System (SiARQ) and Superintendency of Information and Communication Technology (SuperTIC). Its name - Mnemosyne - is named after the Greek goddess who embodies Memory.